City supports efforts to improve competitiveness, economy through transportation network investments

February 26, 2024 Charlotte City Council meeting

February 26, 2024 Charlotte City Council meeting

Every year, Charlotte City Council adopts an annual state and federal legislative agenda. These are important because they identify the critical issues that the council will address this year in collaboration with state and federal agencies. This year, both agendas have the same priorities, with the first item on the list being mobility. On Monday, the council committed to “support the region’s efforts to improve its competitiveness and build the economy through investments to the transportation network.” We are hopeful that this pledge will further inspire our elected officials to have meaningful conversations with legislators in Raleigh about the transportation needs of the Charlotte region. 

Within the consent agenda, there were four main items we think deserve a spotlight. Each of these projects are significant and contribute to a safe, connected, climate-friendly community. Here are the details:

Construct Charlotte Fire Department Firehouse #30

This new two-story, three-bay facility located at 3019 Beam Road will be the first all-electric firehouse, supporting the Strategic Energy Action Plan goal of zero carbon city buildings. It is anticipated to be complete by first quarter 2026. 

Construct Cross Charlotte Trail

This 1.38-mile segment of greenway from North Tryon Street to Orr Road includes 0.49 miles of neighborhood connector paths and is anticipated to be complete by third quarter 2026. 

Construct Tuckaseegee Road sidewalk

This 0.65-mile stretch of sidewalk along the south side of Tuckaseegee Road from West Mecklenburg High School to Larry Drive and along the north side of Tuckaseegee Road from Burkholder Road to Toddville Road will include wheelchair ramps, driveways, pedestrian refuge, and traffic signals. It is anticipated to be complete by second quarter 2026.

CATS Blue Line landscape maintenance

Grounds maintenance for CATS facilities and parking lots along the Lynx Blue Line from 7th Street to University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) will be enhanced.

Since this business meeting fell on the fourth Monday of the month, a public forum was held for any resident to share their thoughts with the Charlotte City Council. We were particularly pleased to see a member of the recently-formed Mobility Safety Forum speak about the need for better pedestrian infrastructure throughout the city. The more city council members hear from residents that our sidewalks, street crossings, and lighting fixtures should be a priority, the more likely they are to make these much-needed changes.

Watch the meeting recording here and check out the meeting agenda here.


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