Cyclists use portable street sweeper to clean up bike lanes (WSOC-TV)

Ramez Tadros has brought innovative technology to Charlotte, which offers cyclists the opportunity to clean up trash from bike lanes.

“You attach it to your bike, and it will clean the bike lane as you ride,” Tadros told Channel 9.

The portable bike-lane sweeper is a prototype getting tested around the country.

The city of Charlotte has one city-owned bike lane sweeper. Eric Zaverl, from the nonprofit Sustain Charlotte, which is a sponsor of the project, said that the city’s street sweeper can’t be everywhere, especially as the city adds many more bike lanes.

“We want to encourage more people to bike and when they see bike lanes blocked or there’s debris in them, that makes it difficult,” Zaverl said. “They’re going to be less likely to take their kids out there.”

He said any help would create safer streets making them more accessible.

“To get as many people out there cycling as possible,” Zaverl said.

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