It will be nearly impossible for CATS to only run electric buses by 2030 (Axios)

The City of Charlotte’s vehicle fleet includes more than 300 buses it wants to transition to all-electric within seven years. Today, CATS’ fleet includes just 18 battery electric buses.

Why it matters: In 2018, as part of the Strategic Energy Action Plan, the city set an ambitious goal to fuel all its vehicles with 100% zero-carbon sources by 2030. But it isn’t on track to meet that goal.

What they’re saying: “I do believe that CATS and the city are still committed to (SEAP),” says Shannon Binns, director of Sustain Charlotte. “But it is disappointing that we haven’t moved fast enough since setting that goal.” Binns would rather CATS “be honest about the year” it can transition to all-electric, he says.

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