Sustain Charlotte chief calls on business leaders to get engaged on transit expansion (Charlotte Business Journal)

Sustain Charlotte Executive Director Shannon Binns was interviewed for a Charlotte Business Journal article on the ongoing debate over how to expand the transit network and pay for it. We remain hopeful that the $13.5 billion transit and mobility expansion plan introduced in 2020 can finally get moving in the year ahead.

“We need more revenue to invest in the system,” Binns told CBJ. “The transportation system hasn’t kept pace with our (population) growth. And that’s led to increased congestion. We have to invest in all the other ways of getting around: transit, walking (paths), micro-mobility, scooters, biking.”

“I do think the business community has not been engaged near enough in this issue,” he added. “I did hear, recently, that some businesses have become involved, some major companies that are having conversations with elected officials. We’d like to see the business community do more to show their support.”

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