Action Alert: Speak up for McAlpine Creek Greenway Extension!

A key greenway project is in danger of being canceled over the unsubstantiated concerns of some residents of Carmel Country Club. Please join us by calling on County and City elected and staff leaders to keep moving forward with the planned extension of the McAlpine Creek Greenway.

We need YOUR help to demonstrate to County and City leaders that the anti-greenway opponents are a vocal minority, and widespread community support for this greenway project remains strong.

McAlpine graphic

Image: Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

First, take Mecklenburg County’s online survey about this project and express your support for the FULL project, all the way up to Green Rea Rd.

Next, please contact your City and County leaders.

(**If the above link doesn’t work for you, use the list of email addresses at the bottom of this page.)

Using your own language is best. Here are some key points you may wish to address:

  • Residents in the Carmel Country Club area have spoken out in opposition of the greenway project citing concerns that the neighborhood connection in their area will create major parking problems.
  • The project has been put on hold while County staff and elected officials weigh options.
  • The County and City have offered to work with residents to monitor and prohibit on-street parking near the neighborhood connection in response to resident concerns.
  • There are dozens of neighborhood greenway connections throughout Mecklenburg County. Parking/overcrowding at those neighborhood connections is not a problem.
  • The County is constructing a parking area and major trailhead less than a mile away on Pineville-Matthews Road. This parking area will serve as the primary destination for residents who want to drive to access the greenway.
  • Despite these accommodations, Carmel Country Club residents remain opposed to the greenway.
  • This project is fully funded and ready to move into construction soon. A significant part of the project is funded by grant dollars, meaning it’s an especially efficient example of your tax dollars at work!

Since the first greenways were built in Mecklenburg County in the 1970s, small but vocal groups of residents have spoken out against them. They often cite concerns around the type of people and traffic that they would bring into nearby neighborhoods. Over and over again, greenways have proven to improve neighborhood safety, health, and quality of life, without creating parking problems.

Help us to show that this latest round of unsubstantiated opposition is nothing new, and give County and City leadership the courage to stay the course despite the opposition of a vocal minority.

Thank you in advance for speaking up and supporting equitable access to greenways. Questions? Email our Program Director Meg Fencil at

**In case the link above did not work for you, here are the emails of City and County leaders for you to copy and paste into your own email letter:,,,,,

Thanks for reading!

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