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Achieving community sustainability is a complex challenge that requires a comprehensive and community-wide approach.

Sustain Charlotte advocates for diverse transportation options and sustainable land-use. Our volunteers, ambassadors, and supporters play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission.

Start making an impact today

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Build our Bicycle Network

Sustain Charlotte, along with our partners and supporters, is urging the City of Charlotte to increase the budget for the bicycle program from $4 million to $10 million per fiscal year. You can read about the many benefits this funding will have for our community on our Build Our Bicycle Network page.

Join us in telling city council members that our bike network is an important community resource that deserves more funding!


Grow our Parks and Greenways

Growing our Parks and Greenways is an initiative to highlight the many benefits of parks, greenways, nature preserves, and recreation centers by amplifying the voices of Mecklenburg County residents and organizations advocating for equitable and expedited construction of our county Park & Recreation network.

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Become a donor

Will you join us and help inspire choices that lead to a healthier, more vibrant, and equitable community for generations to come?

New donors who give at least $10 a month or $120/year will receive a complimentary Sustain Charlotte t-shirt!

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Join our partner network

Through our partner program, we provide year-round brand exposure, positive publicity, and business development opportunities to those businesses and nonprofits that are helping make our community become more sustainable through their products, services, or commitment to move their organization towards greater sustainability. 

Ambassador Training Feb 2024


Sustain Charlotte offers a unique training program to evolve volunteers into Sustain Charlotte Ambassadors, which empowers volunteers to succeed as effective speakers of our mission, vision, and values at tabling and other outreach events.

Find out more about the ambassador program and other volunteer opportunities at the link below.

Stay informed and ready to engage locally

Start supporting sustainable growth in Charlotte by signing up for our weekly newsletter. Each edition is packed with updates about our work, upcoming events, local advocacy opportunities, and news about constantly evolving issues.

Make gradual changes to your commute

We know a car-free lifestyle isn’t a feasible reality for everyone. However, you may be able to reduce some of your car trips and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

Reach out to your local neighborhood association

Neighborhood associations connect neighbors and local business owners to preserve and improve their communities, allowing you to weigh in on areas such as neighborhood safety, beautification (like planting trees!), and even walkability and transportation needs in your neighborhood.

Find your neighborhood association here.

Consider downloading the Nextdoor app.

Say “yes” to new neighbors in your area! Learn about why diverse housing options build resilient communities.

Join the conversation online

Do you know what the strongest form of marketing is? It’s word of mouth. That means every time you like, share, repost, or retweet content from Sustain Charlotte, you’re helping get the word out about our mission in ways we can’t achieve alone!

Send an email to one or more of your local or state officials.

Depending on the issue, this email could be addressed to the City Council or Town Council members, County Commissioners, School Board members, or State elected officials. Use the link in resources to find out who your representatives are.

Sign up and speak at a local government public meeting or forum.

Choose your audience, depending on the smart growth issue that you would like to speak about. You might consider taking part in a County Commissioners' meeting, City or Town Council meeting, School board meeting, and/or Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) meeting. If you live outside of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County and need help figuring out how to sign up to speak at the public meeting/forum where you live, please reach out to Meg Fencil. (meg.fencil@sustaincharlotte.org).

Attend your neighborhood association/coalition meeting (if you have not attended previously).

Attend your neighborhood association or neighborhood coalition meeting. To find out which neighborhood organizations are active in your area, use the link in resources. Sometimes, checking Facebook groups might be a good way to find those organizations. When attending the meeting, we encourage you to talk to three new people about a smart growth topic relevant to your community.

Invite one of your local/state elected officials to attend your neighborhood organization meeting.

If you are already attending your neighborhood organization meeting, invite one or several of your local representative (elected officials) to those meetings to speak and/or listen to residents regarding a smart growth topic that’s relevant for your community.

Bring a friend along on a trip by walking, biking, or public transit.

Plan and take a trip by walking, biking, or public transit. Bring a family member, co-worker or friend with you and discuss the importance of transportation choices for our city. Alternatively, you can bring a friend to our Growing our Greenways event on November 19th.

Public transit: To download the CATS app, click here.

Reach out to CATS to share your feedback at telltransit@charlottenc.gov.

Bike: Use Google maps to plan a bike trip in your neighborhood (select the bike or walking icon to build a route).

Learn more about Growing our parks and greenways.

Do a walkability audit of your neighborhood

Take a group of friends or neighbors and walk around your neighborhood. Notice: Is it easy to walk to the closest grocery store or bus stop? Share the audit results and your recommendations with your neighborhood organization or elected officials (City or Town Council members) or your local planning staff (especially if you live in a town).

Organize a walk or bike ride on a greenway (or other active transportation routes) in or near your neighborhood.

Plan and host an “all ages, all abilities” walk or bike ride in your neighborhood to either introduce residents to a greenway, bike route, walking route OR to highlight the need for this type of infrastructure. Use this as an opportunity to talk to your neighbors about the importance of active transportation.

Apply to join one of the City’s or County’s resident commissions

The City of Charlotte has 35 boards and commissions. Residents of Mecklenburg County can volunteer to participate by applying for a vacancy. The boards have an advisory function, which is another great opportunity to make your voice heard. Serving on resident boards and commissions is a commitment, so it’s important to ensure you have time available for this.

Interested residents should complete the online application and submit it to the Office of the City Clerk. To apply for a board position, click here. The City Council vacancy notice can be accessed here.

More details about City of Charlotte boards can be found here.

Mecklenburg County also offers residents an opportunity to serve on boards and commissions. More details on the Mecklenburg County board are here.

Download the CLT+ App

CLT+, a mobile application, is now available on both the Apple App and Google Play stores. It is free to download. It offers a new way to interact with CharMeck 311, which serves as the customer contact center providing information and services for customers in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

Residents wishing to get in touch with 311 can still speak with a representative on the phone, request a service online, or use the online chat function.

Learn more.

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