Get to know Sustain Charlotte's local resources for learning about smart growth and land use in our region.

Ike the Protected Bike Lane introduced Charlotte cyclists to a safe cycling experience during a past initiative known as Open Streets 704.
Ike the Protected Bike Lane introduced Charlotte cyclists to a safe cycling experience during a past initiative known as Open Streets 704.

Explore the Mecklenburg County Greenway Map

This map of the Mecklenburg County Greenway network was created in 2023 by Sustain Charlotte in partnership with AARP and Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation to provide its viewers with an interactive, live resource for exploring our over 70 miles of greenway.

Navigate Charlotte without driving

Learn how you can navigate Charlotte by taking the bus, light rail, street car, riding your bike, or experiencing Sustain Charlotte's first-ever walking tour.

Support our partners in advocacy

As a sustainability-oriented nonprofit, there are a lot of causes we support! Thankfully, our partner organizations are also working hard to drive key sustainability issues in our region.

Join the Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition

The Charlotte Regional Transportation Coalition is seeking your help to shape and build safe and accessible transportation networks for everyone so they have access to work, shopping, and recreation. Learn more about the CRTC today!


Get to know the 5 strategic plans guiding the sustainability of our city

Since 2018, our city has adopted five instrumental plans and policies intended to dramatically shift the way that Charlotte makes transportation policy and investment decisions moving forward. Click through to review these plans.

Charlotte’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Charlotte’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan, established by Charlotte City Council, was informed by extensive community outreach and city government staff time to guide the city's growth over the next two decades. The plan sets forth a long-term vision, clear objectives, and an action plan, including growth strategies and policies to guide decision-making. To implement the growth framework, the plan has been translated into a Unified Development Ordinance. Read more.

Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance, UDO for short, consolidates the city's zoning and development standards and implements the policies of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Sustain Charlotte played a key role in advocating for and supporting the refinement of the UDO over the past few years. Read more.

Charlotte Future 2040 Policy Map 

On March 28, 2022, Charlotte City Council adopted the Charlotte Future 2040 Policy Map. This map is a companion to the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan and serves to translate the plan’s place-based policies to specific geographies, informing the type and intensity of development that is appropriate throughout city. This plan is being used in multiple decision-making processes such as future zoning decisions and capital investments.

Strategic Energy Action Plan

Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP), developed in 2018 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental choices, includes a comprehensive framework of 11 linked action areas focused on transportation, buildings, energy generation, and workforce development and equity with steps on how to reach the goals set by the resolution. Read more.

Strategic Mobility Plan

Developed in June 2022, the Strategic Mobility Plan (SMP) strives to offer everyone in our city safe and equitable mobility choices by guiding these commitments: 1) Continuing our commitment of Vision Zero; 2) Establishing a 50-50 mode share aspiration; 3) Expanding transit throughout our city with better rail and bus transit; and 4) Preparing for the future of mobility. Read more.