Mecklenburg County Greenway Map

Mecklenburg County Greenway Map

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  1. This map works best when pulled up in a browser like Google Chrome instead of the Google Maps app. Here is the link for the map to copy and paste into a browser:
  2. Once the map is pulled up on your phone, open the legend by clicking the "Charlotte Mecklenburg Greenways" banner at the bottom of the map OR the icon in the upper lefthand corner.
  3. You can control how much detail you are seeing by turning layers on and off. You can do this by clicking the checkmark box next to each layer name in the legend.
  4. Learn more about a specific marker by clicking on the icon and reading the description. Note: Not all markers have a description.
  5. Did the map disappear? You can find it again by clicking "Saved" at the bottom of your browser screen (on your phone), scrolling down and clicking on "Maps"

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About the Map

This map of the Mecklenburg County Greenway network was created in 2023 by Sustain Charlotte in partnership with AARP and Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation with the specific goal of serving you!

Enjoy the greenway to its fullest!

  • Discover the 70+ miles of greenway trails accessible to you
  • Find convenient trail access points
  • Locate basic amenities like public bathrooms and water fountains
  • Enjoy better accessibility knowing where to find handicap ramps, benches, and crosswalks
  • Learn more about our parks and greenways

This map is subject to change

This map was created by volunteer citizen scientists. The location of markers may not exactly match on-the-ground realities. The map may also be missing markers. To note these discrepancies, please fill out this form. The map is updated on a rolling basis, based on entries from the public and data from Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation.

How this map came together

This map was initially created in 2023 with the help of a dedicated summer intern and about a dozen community volunteers. Ride along with Sustain Charlotte intern, Henry Smith, as he maps the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Greenway in this video!