Action Alert: Speak up for the Charlotte 2040 Plan!

We need YOUR help to speak up in support of a critical plan that will shape the future of Charlotte’s neighborhoods for generations to come.

With the Charlotte Future 2040 Plan, we have an opportunity to begin to reverse decades of exclusionary zoning practices that segregated our community.

However, after years of robust community discussion, a small, vocal, politically-connected minority is standing against our community’s vision.

Charlotte neighborhoods

Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes blend in well in Charlotte neighborhoods. The 2040 Plan would improve the quality of development citywide while also allow more housing choices to be built that fit the scale of neighborhoods.

Read this editorial by our Executive Director to learn about why the plan is needed, the extensive community engagement that helped to shape it, and the threat it now faces.

Next, please contact your City leaders with your support for the Charlotte Future 2040 Plan.

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(**If the above link doesn’t work for you, use the list of email addresses at the bottom of this page.)

Using your own language is best. Here are some key points you may wish to address:

I urge you to adopt the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan without delay.

I support this plan because it advances so many of our city’s already adopted goals and priorities regarding racial equity, economic equity, connectivity, access to opportunities, a healthy environment and climate.  Specifically, the plan must retain:

  • The recognition and inclusion of all Charlotte residents, regardless of income, education, race, ethnicity, age, or ability level.
  • Encourage housing diversity everywhere in our community by allowing fourplexes that front arterial streets, as well as duplexes, triplexes, and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in all single-family zoning districts. This is a critical strategy for restorative racial justice and to provide more pathways to homeownership for residents.
  • Tools and strategies, including Community Benefits Agreements, that empower communities, providing them a stronger voice.
  • All Charlotte households will have access to essential amenities, goods, and services within a comfortable, tree-shaded 10-minute walk, bike, or transit trip by 2040.
  • An emphasis on ensuring that individual developments contribute to existing neighborhoods and districts and add up to safe, comfortable, and inviting places.
  • Policies and strategies to protect our tree canopy, natural waterways and drainage ways, and green space around the community.
  • The goal of safe and equitable mobility options which provide an integrated network of transit, bikeways, sidewalks, greenways, and streets that result in a prosperous and connected future.
  • Setting a bold transportation mode share goal to reduce the need for driving alone, and using those metrics to prioritize investment across all modes to achieve the goal.
  • Using place types to integrate land use, mobility, building design/character, and open space in such a way that provides flexibility and natural transition of growth throughout Charlotte.

Thank you in advance for speaking up and supporting equitable housing choices! Questions? Email our Program Director Meg Fencil at

**In case the link above did not work for you, here are the emails of City and County leaders for you to copy and paste into your own email letter:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks for reading!

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