At Birdsong Brewing, climate and environment are part of the business plan (WFAE)

For many small or medium-sized businesses, adapting to climate change is not a high priority. It’s difficult and requires altering business practices and spending money to retrofit facilities — all while facing low margins.

At Charlotte’s Birdsong Brewing, it’s been an integral part of the business plan since day one. In 2019, the local environmental group Sustain Charlotte gave BirdSong its “Inspiring Business” award for the solar project and sustainability efforts.

Executive Director Shannon Binns said sustainability is becoming an important goal for many businesses.

“I think that there are a lot of businesses who understand not only is this something that their customers increasingly want to see, want to support, but that it makes a lot of financial sense,” Binns said. “Anytime a business is reducing water or energy use, they’re also saving money. Just as commitments to reducing impact on the climate and sustainability, in general, have grown over the years, I think we’re seeing it grow among small businesses, too.”

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