Charlotte building massive solar farm to power city buildings (WCNC)

The City of Charlotte is paying to have a massive solar farm built in Davidson County.

This week, leaders approved a contract for the South Davidson Solar Project as part of their Strategic Energy Action Plan. Next fall, construction will start on the 537-acre solar farm in Denton, North Carolina, which will create clean energy for the Queen City.

“This is a really critical step for the city to achieve the climate goals that they adopted in the Strategic Energy Action Plan,” Sustain Charlotte’s Meg Fencil told WCNC Charlotte.

“It will provide the greenhouse gas reduction benefit equivalent to taking about 24,000 cars off the road per year,” Fencil said. “By investing in a solar farm, the city is really setting the example and putting their money where their mouth is, and making sure that we can have a cleaner energy future.”

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