Charlotte ranks close to last on walkability (WFAE)

While Charlotte has become more pedestrian-friendly in recent years, the city still has far to go, according to organizations that work to improve walkability.

Out of 130 cities with populations over 200,000, Charlotte is sixth from last on a walkability ranking by WalkScore, an organization that measures walkability by analyzing walking routes and the distance of local amenities.

On a scale from 1-100, Charlotte logged a score of just 26, meaning that the city relies heavily on cars, according to WalkScore.

Pedestrian projects that would help connect and create safer routes, such as the Rail Trail bridge and Belk Greenway connector, have been delayed, leaving some to question what’s standing in the way. “We really need to concentrate on making all parts of Charlotte safer and more comfortable for pedestrians,” said Meg Fencil, director of engagement at Sustain Charlotte, a nonprofit advocating to make the city more walkable and transit-friendly.

“Pockets of Charlotte are fairly walkable, but most of those are areas close to uptown,” Fencil said. “The further you get out from the center, the more spread out things are and the wider the roads are.”

Read the full WFAE report. This article also ran in The Charlotte Observer.