Do Punxsutawney Phil and Charlotte’s elected leaders have more in common than you think? (Charlotte Ledger)

In honor of Groundhog Day, and to mark the city’s transit discussion that keeps circling back to the same core points, Transit Time compiled a list of the recurring questions that just keep poking their head out of the hole. (Bonus points if you read this while humming the song in the movie that plays on the clock radio every morning: Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”)

City Council wasn’t the only government body meeting about transit this week. The Metropolitan Transit Commission, which sets policy for the Charlotte Area Transit System, also held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the plans for two of the city’s biggest transit projects, the Silver Line and the Charlotte Transportation Center.

Despite months of questions about routing the train around, rather than through, uptown, and about whether burying the bus station underground to build a tower atop it is the best idea, both of those ideas are moving forward.

That’s despite Sustain Charlotte — a major transit advocacy group — voicing concerns about the plans late Tuesday. The group said it’s “deeply concerned about safety, equity and cost of moving the bus station underground” and wants to see a Silver Line route that “prioritizes ridership over development.”

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