Here are the four Charlotte Future 2040 growth possibilities

The City of Charlotte has held three public meetings to solicit the public’s input on four possible future growth scenarios. The first scenario is called Business as Usual. It’s followed by three alternative scenarios showing possible growth patterns that could help achieve a more authentic, equitable, and integrated Charlotte.

The best parts of each scenario can then be combined to create a Preferred Growth Scenario, and that is where YOU can help! Read on to review the scenarios and then take the City’s short online survey.

Charlotte Skyline

Charlotte Skyline


Future 2040 growth possibilities



New Development Impacts:

The Business As Usual scenario has the highest impact on air quality, mostly due to the lowest share of non-auto trips at 19% and the highest share of auto trips in at 81%.

It has the highest amount of Single Family Detached homes at 45%, including only 29% of that housing near transit. This scenario is the most inefficient and unsustainable model causing the most harm to the environment.


New Development Impacts: 

The Strong Centers scenario has the highest percentage of non-auto trips at 24% and the second-highest percentage of new residential development near transit. It still has the second-highest impact on the air quality of all four scenarios.




New Development Impacts: 

Connected Corridors has the least amount of impact on the air quality of all four scenarios. Sixty-two percent of new residential development will be near transit. It will have about 25% of new growth consisting of single-family detached, nearly half the amount compared to Business as Usual.


New Development Impacts: 

The Neighborhood Nodes scenario has the second-lowest impact on air quality but is tied for the second-lowest share of non-auto trips at 23% and the second-highest percentage of auto trips at 77%.



Now it’s your turn!

Did you miss the workshops on October 8th and the 9th? Watch a recap of the presentation (optional), and then take the scenario survey to let the City know what you want to see for Charlotte’s future!

Want to know more? Check out the Comprehensive Plan page.

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