How does great leadership happen?

Jon Davis from Sustain Charlotte’s Gold Partner Center for Intentional Leadership spoke at our November Monthly Mixer about how his organization develops and supports great leaders.

In a message that resonated deeply with attendees, Jon spoke about the importance of self care for leaders to avoid burnout. Organizations can support their leaders by nurturing the whole individual, rather than focusing solely on how many hours that person is in the office. Simple ways to do this are walking meetings, breaks in the day to pursue relaxation such as adult coloring books or yoga, and flexible work schedules to accommodate volunteer and family activities. The Center for Intentional Leadership offers a variety of solutions for developing leaders, teams, and organizational cultures. We’re grateful for their partnership and support of our staff!

Jon Davis Speaking

Jon Davis spoke about how effective organizations support great leaders through sustainable business practices.

We also heard from Larry Kopf, Chief Operations Planning Officer at CATS, about plans to re-design our area’s bus network. That was really exciting news! Check out our full blog post here. Thank you to all of you who took the public values survey to help CATS understand what factors would make riding transit a more appealing travel option for you.

Free Range Brewing audience

We packed Free Range Brewing to hear from our speakers representing CATS and Center for Intentional Leadership!

We hope you’ll join us and invite your friends to join us at Free Range for our very special Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 14. We’ll celebrate the incredible successes that the support of members like you have made possible in 2016!

Interested in learning more about The Center for Intentional Leadership’s programs? Contact Jon Davis at:

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