Mayor declares Charlotte a Vision Zero City

It’s not every day that a city commits to doing everything it can to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries within the next 11 years. But at the City Council meeting on March 25, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles shared the good news.

It’s official: We’re a Vision Zero city! 

Charlotte's Vision Zero logo

Charlotte’s Vision Zero logo emphasizes safety for all who use the streets. (Image:

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt read the following proclamation:

WHEREAS, the City of Charlotte aspires to be the safest and most connected city in the country; and

WHEREAS, Charlotte is committed to building a transportation network that encourages safe walking, biking and driving behaviors; and

WHEREAS, speeding is the leading cause of fatalities on Charlotte roadways and reducing speeds through engineering, education and enforcement strategies is imperative to saving lives; and

WHEREAS, the city and community must work together for safer streets; and

WHEREAS, a Vision Zero Task Force with over 50 members from 25 organizations from a breadth of safety professions and advocates; and

WHEREAS, Vision Zero distinguishes itself from traditional road safety approaches by focusing on solutions to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on our streets; and

WHEREAS, a Vision Zero Action Plan was created to build on Charlotte’s long-standing commitment to traffic safety;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Vi Alexander Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim the City of Charlotte as a


Sustain Charlotte is proud to serve on the Vision Zero Task Force.

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