New study shows area cyclists worry about safety

This November, the Urban Land Institute published “Living in Charlotte 2016: Views on Housing, Transportation, and Community”. Click here to download the report.

As an organization advocating for smart growth and sustainable transportation, we’re excited about this report because it captures the housing and transportation preferences of 2,984 people living in the Charlotte metro area (Mecklenburg County plus the seven contiguous counties).

Why do we drive so much?

81% of respondents in our region drive alone daily. Why is that value so much higher than many metro areas?

We think a big clue is on page 19. 88% of respondents overall, and 93% of Millennials, want to bike more. But they aren’t satisfied with the bike facilities and they’re worried about their safety.

ULIbikesafety survey

Most people in our area worry about safety when riding a bike. (p. 19, “Living in Charlotte 2016”)

  • 68% are dissatisfied with the number and condition of bike facilities in their area.
  • 77% worry about getting hit by a vehicle while biking.
  • 74% would be more likely to ride if there was physical separation (ie, protected bike lane) from motor vehicles.

This study confirms the outcomes of CDOT’s September public workshop, where 89% of respondents said they’d use a protected bike lane in Uptown.

It’s clear that not only Charlotteans, but also residents across the region, want and need better transportation choices including protected bike lanes. Let’s build them!

For a great overview of the ULI report’s major findings, check out this article from Diane Gavarkavich and Mary Newsom of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute.

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