Our 2023 sustainability resolutions

People getting on a CATS bus

In 2023, Sustain Charlotte resolves to work for an expanded greenway network, dependable public transit, equitable community involvement and more! (Photo: Charlotte Area Transit System)

In 2023, what would it look like to collectively aspire to a better future for our community? Here are the big-ticket items Sustain Charlotte resolves to continue working for in the new year — and we’re committed to making it easy for members of the community to do so, too. Won’t you join us in supporting a better way forward for our climate, health, and equity?

An expanded greenway network

Investing in greenways greatly enhances residents’ mental and physical health, accessibility to low-cost and carbon-free transportation choices, sustainable development, opportunities for environmental tourism, and increased property values and tax bases. In 2023, we are advocating for sufficient resources to build 50 new miles of greenways over the next five years.

Torrence Creek

Torrence Creek Greenway and creek as seen from Gilead Road.

Long-term funding

Our local transportation needs require investing heavily in all types of transportation, including rail, bus, greenways, pedestrian, bicycle, and roadway networks. Building the network requires a mix of federal, state and local funding. Sustain Charlotte will continue advocating for local and state leaders to identify a dedicated, long-term local funding source needed to make this critical investment in our transportation system.

Dependable public transit

Bus service needs to be fast, frequent, reliable, and walkable to fully meet the needs of riders. Buses are designed to make life easier for everyone. From improved community health to less climate pollution and more affordable transportation, public transportation systems create the foundation on which cities become more livable and equitable. CATS had to reduce frequency on numerous routes this summer due to a shortage of transit workers. We need that frequency to return and for bus operators to be supported in their important daily work.

Streetcar vehicle

We believe that dependable public transit is key to a thriving community and will advocate for fast, frequent, reliable and walkable service. (Photo: Charlotte Area Transit System)

Pedestrian-friendly infrastructure

Since 2019, there have been more than 200 traffic deaths in Charlotte, including pedestrians and cyclists struck and killed by vehicles. This outrageous number doesn’t account for the many more seriously injured in crashes and the countless family members left to mourn a loss or care for a wounded loved one. Sustain Charlotte will continue advocating for many more miles of sidewalks, safe mid-block crosswalks, all-ages-and-abilities bike and pedestrian paths, and continued construction of segments of the Priority Bicycle Network.

Equitable community involvement

To achieve equitable outcomes from these infrastructure investments, all members of our community must have an opportunity to meaningfully participate in the decision-making process – and their voices must be heard.  We will continue to advocate for local government agencies to provide these opportunities and we will continue to provide easy opportunities for more residents to engage as well.

People celebrating the Sustain Charlotte Awards

This year, we will continue to work tirelessly for an equitable, vibrant community for all. (Photo: Sustain Charlotte)

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