Speaking up for parks and greenways

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We believe that greenways, parks, and nature preserves are fundamental to a healthy, vibrant, equitable community. That’s why we tirelessly advocate for Mecklenburg County to create more of them and maintain the ones we already have.

Access to public green spaces is essential to our residents’ well-being. A robust greenway network can connect neighborhoods, provide safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists, and boost equity by giving more options to residents most in need of transportation and recreation opportunities.

A robust park and greenway network provides sustainable corridors for automobile-free transportation that make it safer to choose to walk or ride a bike and reduce our reliance on cars. The less we drive the more we reduce the largest source of air and climate pollution.

Help us in our mission to build our greenway network!

Start by signing this petition telling county commissioners that greenways, parks, and nature preserves are important community resources that deserve full funding! 

Once you’ve signed the petition, spread the word! Encourage others within your network to get involved and support this initiative. 

As our population grows in Mecklenburg County, so does the need to expand and improve greenways, parks, nature preserves, and recreation centers. With increased funding, more residents across the county will have access to these essential community resources.

Want to go the extra mile? Send an email to your county commissioner telling them more about why you love and support greenways, parks, and nature preserves. The more stories they hear from residents, the more likely they are to prioritize these budget recommendations.

Have more questions? Please email our Advocacy Manager Hope Wright at hope.wright@sustaincharlotte.org.

Why act now? 

Our greenway network has not grown fast enough to keep up with the needs of current residents. Now is the time to buy land for future greenways while investment decisions are being made. Public open space is a critical component of public infrastructure and our community mobility and sustainability depend on it.

Come along!

This year, we’ll also continue to hold events that introduce residents to the joys and conveniences of greenways where they live, work and play. We hope you will join us – and bring a friend!


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