Sustainability Game Night kick-off!

As our community finds new ways to reconnect in these post-pandemic times, Sustain Charlotte is bringing people together to have fun, build connections with each other, and find common ground in our shared advocacy interests.

What better way to do that than through games! We hosted our very first Sustainability Game Night at Divine Barrel Brewing on Wednesday evening.

Attendees smile for the camera

The event was free and open to the public. While Sustain Charlotte will continue to organize and host the educational presentations and panel discussions that our followers have grown to love, we also recognize that it’s so important for people just to have fun together sometimes.

Learning happens in a variety of ways. Talking to our neighbors and people who may have different perspectives can inspire reflection and deeper understanding of land use and transportation issues facing the Charlotte area.

The event attracted people who are passionate about board games and those who hadn’t played a game in years. Whether folks came on their own or with a friend or partner, everyone was warmly welcomed. By the end of the event, people who had sat down around a table as strangers were laughing and competing (or cooperating, depending on the game) with each other.

Why board games? 

  • A surprisingly large number of games have been designed around themes of transportation and land use.
  • Games are a natural conversation starter. Some games reward players for making socially or environmentally responsible choices, while others reward greed and chaos. Games encourage players to talk about the choices they’re making as they play. We overheard players discussing the best way to build a hypothetical public transit system to serve the most people, while others discussed the inefficiencies of zoning that separates buildings strictly by use.
  • There’s something for everyone. We offered quick, simple games like Jenga and Sweetlandia and longer, more complex ones like Megacity Oceania. Some games are for two players and others work with a large group. Some people even brought games they owned and taught them to their group.

We’re so grateful to Divine Barrel Brewing for hosting us and everyone who joined us for our inaugural Sustainability Game Night. We’re looking forward to the next one, so keep an eye on your newsletter for an invite!

Attendees play board games

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