The Blue Line extension is open. What’s next for public transit?

If you followed our BLE opening adventures on Friday, you may have noticed that we were pretty excited.

Okay, really excited.  We talked to dozens of transit riders who shared their #ridethattrain stories with us!

Transit riders chalk board signs

Transit riders shared how a better transit system will help them navigate Charlotte!

The opening of the BLE was the culmination of decades of planning and hard work by our local transportation & planning staff and elected officials. Such a massive project doesn’t reach completion without vision and commitment. We thank everyone who made it happen.

Aligning the bus network with the new Blue Line Extension

On Monday, CATS implemented their Bus-Rail Integration Plan. Changes were made to over 20 bus routes and 700 bus stops. Check out the customer info booklet for details about new, discontinued, and changed routes and stops.

Thinking big picture for the bus network: Envision My Ride is open for feedback until April 6

But even bigger changes are on the horizon!

Did you know that the average one-way trip time on CATS is 90 minutes? CATS CEO John Lewis wants to change that so all transit riders will have access to efficient daily transportation.

Research shows that more people will ride transit if it’s fast, reliable, frequent, and walkable. What would it take for YOU to want to and be able to ride transit?

To give your input on the proposed changes to the CATS bus network, start with our quick guide.


Add your input on the map!

Sustain Charlotte’s work to support the bus network redesign process is funded by TransitCenter.

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