This fall, skip the plastic leaf bags. The planet will thank you.

It’s no secret that plastics have made life easier for humans, but at the cost of choking our waterways, littering our city streets, and posing hazards to endangered wildlife around the globe. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your single-use plastics, one way to do it is by using a Leaf Burrito.

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The Leaf Burrito is a revolutionary new tool that is 100x easier for the homeowner, faster for the City truck drivers to quickly empty, perfect for eliminating plastic from the composting process and overall better for our planet.

Because it is so easy to use, homeowners tend to keep up with their yard work much more often versus letting it build up. It is so easy to use that even kids can fill burritos. Coincidentally, it completely solves the overwhelming problem with plastic film that we have here in the City of Charlotte where plastic bags that cannot be recycled go directly into our landfills. Although paper bags are a bit better than plastic, they are difficult to use and the carbon footprint to create them is large. The fully reusable Leaf Burrito is an alternative to the use-and-toss bags that most residents currently use.

Leaf Burrito with leaves and rake

The Leaf Burrito can be used year-round for leaves, weeds, hedge-clippings, grass-clippings, annual plants, sticks and even for transporting mulch, topsoil, and pine straw. It stores easily and compact and can be hosed off and used for many, many years! And, the Leaf Burrito is made RIGHT here in Charlotte, North Carolina!

The 5’ residential Leaf Burrito is approved for curbside emptying by all of the drivers within the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services. They simply empty it and return it to your yard just like a garbage can.

The residential 5’ bags and 7’ landscaper bags are available online at or in the Burrito Factory at 101 Scaleybark Road & South Blvd. For neighborhood discounts or to customize the bags with your neighborhood logo, please contact

The Leaf Burrito was invented right here in Charlotte, NC and are also manufactured in Charlotte.  As the business expands into more states and with more products, this means more jobs and revenue for our local community!

If you’re ready to make the switch away from single-use plastics, give the Leaf Burrito a try!

Leaf Burrito was invented by Marc Mataya.  (704)491.1213

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This is a guest blog by Leaf Burrito, a Sustain Charlotte Gold Partner.

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