Update on the 26 miles of light rail and trail

Preliminary alignment

What could the future of the Silver Line Rail Trail look like?

Trail Zone Options

Following up on last month’s blog post on “THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR CATS TRANSIT RIDERS” in which we touched on where the project was heading, this post will explore what the future Rail Trail will possibly look like and its goals. All the posted renderings are in their early stages and can change depending on public input, physical and fiscal constraints.

Why is a Rail Trail such an important part of this project? It will provide a safe way for people to travel along the Silver Line corridor by bicycle, scooter, or on foot without having to be on the road with cars. Like the current Rail Trail in South End, this one would allow people to reach the light rail stations easily. A well-designed trail would provide abundant opportunities for exercise and outdoor recreation.

Rail Trails connect people to neighborhoods, work, businesses, schools, shopping, dining, and all of the other places we need to go! As a community, we’ll be making a large public investment to build the Silver Line light rail. It’s so important that we also get a high-quality Rail Trail along the length of it to get the best return on that investment.

Draft concepts of the rail trail –

Uptown Charlotte 11th st

Uptown segment of the Rail Trail can change depending on the street conditions.

Norfolk Southern Railroad Alignment

In this proposed alignment, the Silver Line is south of Wilkinson Blvd.

Wilkinson Blvd map


Goals set forth by CATS in designing the Silver Line Rail Trail –

Goals Silver Line

What the logo could look like –

Logo ideas Silver Line


Take action: give input at upcoming meetings –

Remember to take part in the upcoming virtual public meetings and make your voice heard! Six meetings will be held between February 16 and March 2, and they’re organized by geographic area. More information on how to participate in those meetings can be found on the project page. The specific dates are shown below, and all begin at 5:30 pm:

Public Meeting Spring 21

The Winter/Spring online open house for the silver line alignment is live now until March 11.  


LYNX Silver Line Graphic

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