Uptown residents install community garden

Join us in congratulating the Fifth and Poplar Condominium residents on the new community garden they constructed! Here at Sustain Charlotte, we believe that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious food. We love to see neighbors partner to make their sustainable vision a reality!

Residents pitching in at garden

Residents pitched in to bring the new garden to life!

Growing food close to where we live brings so many benefits:

It’s environmentally sustainable: Every pound of food grown at home means a pound of food that doesn’t have to be trucked in by vehicles that use fossil fuels and contribute to air pollution.

It’s economically sustainable: Growing the right crops at home can result in big savings in the family food budget.

It’s socially sustainable: Charlotte has over 60 food deserts where residents don’t have close access to full-service grocery stores. Gardens can be planted almost anywhere to provide fresh produce in areas where it isn’t available at stores. Community gardens also bring neighbors together to work towards the common goal of bringing in a great harvest!

Here’s what Dan Buchanan, the project organizer, told us about this effort:

On April 25th, residents of the Fifth and Poplar Condominium building in Uptown Charlotte installed an organic community garden within the courtyard grounds of the property. The HOA board approved use of a portion of the 1.5 acre courtyard for reuse as a edible garden planted and maintained by residents. Around 20 residents of all ages participated in preparing the raised planter and planting of various vegetables and herbs.

Children planting in garden

The garden is unique among condominium buildings in the urban core of Charlotte. Dan Buchanan, the organizer of the project, hopes the garden will educate residents and children of the benefits of sustainable and eco-friendly gardening as well as build positive relationships between neighbors.

For more information, please contact Dan Buchanan at daniel.p.buchanan@gmail.com.

Gardeners planting plants

All hands on deck!

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