What we learned at Tuesday night’s networking mixer with National Gypsum

 October National Gypsum Mixer

Each month, we host a free networking mixer that brings together sustainability professionals and one of our featured partners for an evening of fun and information exchange.

Tuesday evening, we hosted our October mixer at Triple C Brewing, Co. and had a special presentation by our featured partner National Gypsum. Mundise Mortimer, Director of Strategic Planning, spoke about why National Gypsum values sustainability and how the company has evaluated and adjusted every aspect of their operations to better protect the environment.

Check out the recap from this event and what we learned during the discussions and be sure to visit our EVENTS page to stay updated on next month’s event.

October National Gypsum Mixer

Producing gypsum board requires mining raw materials from gypsum mines and quarries, which uses large amounts of water and energy. The process has been refined to minimize use of resources. As the raw material is being made into boards, waste product can be fed into the manufacturing process and no plant process water is discharged. The process can also use by product gypsum from nearby power plants thus reducing the use of natural rock and reducing waste material that would otherwise be landfilled.

The company has invested in upgrading its board drying equipment to be far more energy-efficient than in the past. To reduce heat loss, the system uses exhaust air from the first zone in the board dryer to preheat the air in the remaining zones.

National Gypsum’s Mount Holly facility is ideally situated to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electrical power. Solar panels on the building’s roof generate enough energy to serve 700 homes.

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