‘A bike highway’: Proponents tout bike lanes’ boost to local businesses (WCNC)

As the Queen City grows. so does the need for infrastructure to support different modes of transportation like bike lanes. One local organization is hoping the city of Charlotte will double the money budgeted for bicycle programs to build bike lanes faster.

Sustain Charlotte is collecting signatures for a petition asking supporters to help grow the bicycle network so folks who use their bikes to go to work, to the park, or to get their errands done have a safe way to do so.

“You make these safer slower streets, less car-dependent it’s going to be better for people who are walking and cycling,” Zaverl said.

The organization is asking the City of Charlotte to increase its budget for bicycle programs from $4 million to $10 million to build 10 miles of bike lanes every year, fit for all ages and abilities, and essentially complete the bicycle priority network before 2040.

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