All electric vehicles by 2030 (Clean Technicha)

Charlotte, North Carolina only has 88 electric vehicles (EVs) in its city fleet, but that number is soon to change. Over the next 8 years, the city will convert its fleet of more than 4,200 vehicles — from fire trucks to small sedans — to electric. “Our sustainability goal is bold — some people would like to say it’s unattainable, but we don’t use that word here in Charlotte,” Mayor Vi Lyles explains.

In efforts to create cleaner air for the region, Charlotte has set a goal to become a low-carbon city by 2050. An essential component of that plan is to convert its vehicle fleet and facilities to zero-carbon sources by 2030. “We haven’t been doing the work for decades, so there is a lot to do in a short period of time,” Eric Zaverl, urban design specialist at Sustain Charlotte, said. Zaverl acknowledged that, to help combat a problem that’s been ongoing for years, it’s necessary to advocate for smart land use alongside transportation choices.

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