Charlotte group warns traffic will ‘double’ unless leaders act (WCNC)

A Charlotte non-profit that promotes “smart growth” is encouraging city leaders to prioritize transit in 2023.

“By 2040, so just 17 years from now, we could have double the number of daily vehicle trips, double the number of cars out on our roads,” Meg Fencil, Director of Engagement and Impact at Sustain Charlotte, said.

Sustain Charlotte advocates for sustainable growth in Charlotte. Its Executive Director recently penned a “wish list” for change the group would like to see in 2023, starting with improving bus stops and making bus service more reliable.

“Those are the basics. And they are absolutely essential. If we don’t make sure that our bus service is fast, frequent, reliable and walkable, it’s going to be really hard for people just to get to and from jobs and other daily destinations,” Fencil said.

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