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In coordination with the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Charlotte is preparing the Charlotte MOVES Strategic Mobility Plan to guide the future of transportation and mobility in Charlotte.

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The city is committed to providing safe and equitable mobility options for all travelers regardless of age, income, ability, race, where they live, or how they choose to travel. Charlotte MOVES is a major effort that will update and consolidate all of the city’s existing transportation plans under one cover and set a vision for the future of mobility in Charlotte. Led by former Mayor Harvey Gantt, a task force comprising 25 community leaders from across the Charlotte-Mecklenburg is guiding the vision of the Strategic Mobility Plan. The task force is making headway on its charge to identify and recommend to the City of Charlotte a network of transportation projects for investment and a funding strategy, which together will inform the Strategic Mobility Plan and transform mobility in Charlotte. Watch the next Charlotte MOVES Task Force meeting on Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. You can watch the meeting live on the city’sFacebook page or YouTube channel, and participate in the discussion by leaving questions and comments on the videos.

An early outcome of the Charlotte MOVES planning process was the development of a State of Mobility Report. The State of Mobility report is a snapshot of our current transportation and mobility reality. It documents the physical conditions and socio-demographic trends that affect how Charlotte moves, documenting success and taking stock of weaknesses. The report will be a resource for the work of the Task Force, and it will be included as the introductory chapter of the subsequent Charlotte MOVES Strategic Mobility Plan.

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