CityLYNX Gold Line facing city budget cuts! Show your support now!

The $75 million the Charlotte City Council approved in 2014 to fund half the cost of constructing Phase 2 of the City LYNX Gold Line is being threatened. Due to City budget shortfalls, some Members of City Council are suggesting the $75 million they already approved for the Gold Line be cut from the budget. However, these funds are required for us to obtain a matching federal grant of $75 million to cover the full cost of Phase 2. Without these funds, we will not be eligible for the $75 million grant that is included in President Obama’s recommended budget for fiscal year 2016.

A public hearing on the City budget will be held this coming Monday, May 11th and Council will cast their vote on June 8 so we need you to act NOW!

This $75 million for Phase 2 of the Gold Line was approved by City Council due in large part to the 2,593 signatures we received for our petition to “Bring the Streetcar to Charlotte’s struggling neighborhoods” back in late 2013. It is important that you show your support for this critical investment in our city. With your voice, we will ensure the City Council remains committed to this project and takes advantage of the opportunity to receive a dollar for dollar $75 million federal matching grant to complete Phase 2!

CityLYNX Gold Line facing city budget cuts! Show your support now!

Streetcar test run on Trade St.

Phase 2 will extend the Gold Line by an additional 2.5 miles, add 11 more stops, and purchase modern streetcar vehicles built by domestic manufacturers. Moreover, the Gold Line is just one piece of the Charlotte Area 2030 Transit Plan. City Council’s commitment to the Gold Line is absolutely essential to showing their commitment to the transit vision that will make all parts of our city more connected.

Continue reading to learn how you can show your support NOW:

1) E-mail your district representative or all members of Charlotte City Council! Let them know you support the continued investment in the City LYNX Gold Line and that it is too important to our community to cut it from the budget!

Mayor Dan Clodfelter :; 704-336-2241

Mayor Pro Tem:
Michael Barnes :; 704-509-6141

Council Members:
David Howard :; 704-336-4099
Claire Fallon :; 704-336-6105
Vi Lyles :; 704-336-3431
Patsy Kinsey :; 704-336-3432
Al Austin :; 704-336-3185
LaWana Mayfield :; 704-336-3435
Greg Phipps :; 704-336-3436
John Autry :; 704-336-2777
Kenny Smith :; 704-574-7241
Ed Driggs :; 704-432-7077

2) Attend and sign up to speak during the public hearing and voice your support for the budget! The public hearing for the proposed City budget will be held on May 11th at 5:30 PM on the first floor of the Government Center (600 E. Fourth St). Tell City Council why the Gold Line is important to you and that you don’t want it to be cut from the budget!

Click here to sign up to speak online or Call the City Clerk’s Office at 704-336-2248.

To learn more about the Gold Line, click here.

Thank you for your support!

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