Exciting news at our may monthly mixer!

Just when you thought our Monthly Mixer couldn’t get any better, we’re making it happen! Beginning in June, we’ll combine our monthly networking event with Green Drinks Charlotte. We’re all excited about this merger of the two events since we know it’ll mean more chances for YOU to expand your network of new friends who care about sustainability! The format will remain similar and you’ll still see all of the Sustain Charlotte staff and volunteers, but we’ll also be joined by volunteers and current attendees of Green Drinks Charlotte.

We can’t imagine a better opportunity to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to our new event! Stay tuned to our social media (Facebook and Twitter) and your email for an announcement about the date and location of the next mixer.

Exciting news at our may monthly mixer!

More than 45 people came to mingle and to hear what we’re working on!


Exciting news at our may monthly mixer!

eff Redwine told mixer attendees how they can promote sustainable energy in NC.

Jeff Redwine of RED Group (a Silver Partner of Sustain Charlotte) told attendees how residential solar is transforming the way power is produced and used in the Charlotte region. Renewable Energy Design Group, L3C provides design & integration services to sustainably meet North Carolina’s energy needs. Jeff explained the optimal conditions for a home to have solar panels installed: no shade, south facing, one story, with a roof less than 10 years old. RED Group handles the entire process for the homeowner, from determining the appropriate system size, to addressing HOA concerns, to securing structural engineering permits and local permits — and every step in between.

Solar installations in the Charlotte region alone have saved an equivalent amount of energy to burning 96,285 lbs. of coal, and provide a greenhouse gas drawdown benefit equivalent to planting 74 acres of forests. Particularly in a region with a population growing as quickly as ours, the way we produce and consume energy will affect our future quality of life. We’re proud to partner with RED Group as they support expansion of solar as a sustainable energy source!

If you missed Jeff’s presentation or just want to ask him more questions, he can be contacted at jeff@redgroupnc.com or by phone at 336-671-1068.

Partnership is a fantastic way for your business or organization to support the work of Sustain Charlotte while enjoying valuable exposure to an ever-growing audience of sustainability-minded Charlotte area residents. Learn more! If you value the work that we do throughout the community and enjoy our mixers and other services, we also invite you to join Sustain Charlotte as a monthly or annual individual member.

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