County moves to rolling CIP: here’s what that means and why it matters

Charlotte Greenway SignIn May 2023, Mecklenburg County made the decision to switch from a block 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to a rolling 5-year CIP. The CIP is the county’s method of prioritizing and funding construction projects like building and facility renovations, including the greenways.

This new rolling CIP model enables the county to be more flexible in adjusting priorities and responding to changing conditions. Residents will want to stay informed of the various ways they may be impacted by the CIP, as it outlines funding for a range of county-wide projects, including capital projects for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), the library system, and Park & Recreation.

Why Mecklenburg County is opting for a rolling CIP

In the past, each CIP was set for the following five years with few changes made to the plan while it was in place. For example, Mecklenburg County’s FY2019-23 CIP, adopted in 2018, was not revisited until 2023 when preparation for the FY 2024-28 plan began. This system made it difficult to be flexible with funding and adjust priorities as new information became available and the needs of the county changed. As the pandemic showed us, a lot can change in five years!

Starting this fiscal year (FY2024), the CIP is moving to a rolling model so that it remains under continuous consideration. As one fiscal year kicks off, planning for the fiscal year five years down the road begins. This way the county can respond to changing conditions without sacrificing the benefits of long-term planning.

What does this mean for greenway advocacy?

This is great news for greenway advocacy! Instead of advocating heavily for project funding once every five years, we can have a say every year. Now we can help influence real-time investments in greenway planning and development.

This means that it is always a good time to use YOUR voice to drive greenway advocacy forward! Check out our website to learn more about how you can get involved in upcoming greenway events and advocacy opportunities. For more details about our strategies and budget asks, please email Hope Wright at

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