2024 Sustain Charlotte Awards Nominations

2024 Sustain Charlotte Awards Nominations

Nominate a person, project or organization! 

Do you know a person, building project, business, government agency, young leader or nonprofit that deserves to be honored for advancing smart growth and sustainability in Charlotte? Nominate them for a Sustain Charlotte Award! You can also nominate an individual, nonprofit, business or community group for Mecklenburg County's Recycling Excellence Award. This award is sponsored by Mecklenburg County Solid Waste as part of its waste reduction and recycling education programs.

We recognize nominees who cut across silos to holistically advance smart growth and sustainability (as defined by criteria in the nomination form). Entries will be judged by an independent panel of local Sustain Charlotte members who will evaluate each nominee on the extent to which they meet the criteria listed. All people, projects, and organizations nominated must be located in the greater Charlotte area. NOTE: Nominees who won in the past two years are ineligible to win at this year's awards, but they CAN be nominated to recognize their outstanding work!

Sustain Charlotte Board members Ray Addison, Philip Otienoburu and Becca Smith and Sustain Charlotte Executive Director Shannon Binns present Christopher Dennis the Inspiring Individual Award at the 2022 Charlotte Sustainability Awards (Photo by Grant Baldwin)

About the nomination process

The nomination process is open to the public, which means we invite nominations from any community member — and, importantly, Sustain Charlotte does not make any of the nominations ourselves. All nominations are due by March 8, 2024.