Give your input on the Cross Charlotte Trail – Matheson to N. Tryon

The design phase has started on two segments of the Cross Charlotte Trail that stretch from Matheson Avenue to East Craighead Road and on to North Tryon Street. Watch the video above to learn more about these segments. Then, take a feedback survey so project planners can learn more about how you’d like to use the trail.

The video and survey are available through Feb. 15, 2021.

Cross Charlotte Trail

Last week, the City and County released a video and survey on two segments of the XCLT running from Matheson Ave to N. Tryon St. These segments are currently under study to determine a recommended alignment, trail dimensions, and recommended amenities. Here are some highlights from the virtual update:


Project map of segments:

Matheson Ave to Craighead Rd

Section of road Matheson Ave to Craighead

Examples of section segments:

Matheson Ave to 36th

36th to Craighead

A few of the cross-sections on Segment #7

Segment 7

Segments 6 and 7

Be sure and watch the virtual meeting video and take the survey!

Complete Survey button

Make sure to pay attention to amenities and add any items not included in the suggestions.

Trail amenities ranked


Other XCLT updates:

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