How we stay sustainable at the office

You may have heard that we just moved offices, from our previous location along the Rail Trail to a cute little office with views of Bank of America Stadium. Now that we’re settled in, we’re excited to share the little things that we’re doing in our new space to make our office more sustainable. Check out the list below, and then give them a try at your own office!

1. We compost our used coffee grounds, and recycle what we’re able. We have several recycling bins around the office and a compost bin in the kitchen to reduce the waste we contribute to the landfill. When we were negotiating our lease, we asked our landlord to add recycling bins, and they agreed to do it!

2. We keep the temperature a little warmer in the summer, and cooler in the winter. Using less AC and heat saves on energy and our utility bill!

3. We keep the lights off in the office unless absolutely necessary. Since we have lots of windows, the natural light we get is bright enough for working. Our team chooses to only turn on the overhead fluorescents when we need them for interior rooms without windows.

4. We asked our property manager to install a bike rack outside the office. We encourage our team to commute sustainably, and having a bike rack available supports their choice to do that.

5. Everyone on our team uses reusable water bottles at work. We all bring our own to refill so we’re not throwing away plastic bottles.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to make an office more sustainable, give it a try yourself! Even trying one of these ideas will help you make a difference for yourself, your community, and your planet.

Thanks for reading!

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