It’s been a week of tragedy and setback for Charlotte’s transportation hopes (Axios)

As Charlotte endured a tragic week for traffic safety, one of the state’s most powerful lawmakers condemned the city’s plans to become less car-dependent.

On Monday, N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore visited Charlotte for an event, alongside Senate leader Phil Berger, and criticized the city’s transportation plan, which promotes alternative modes to cars, like biking, rail and buses.

Moore said Charlotte should be focused on road infrastructure — and that it shouldn’t try to change people’s habits.

Sustain Charlotte director Shannon Binns says a convenient transit system and walking and biking network is the best solution to reduce emissions and bridge inequities since everyone cannot afford to own a car.

“Residents across our region have said they want more transit for longer trips and opportunities to walk and bike for shorter trips. This plan is a response to what local residents have said they want,” Binns adds.

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