Meet the intern: Jaire Clarida

My name is Jaire Clarida. I am a rising junior social work student and I attend North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University.

Jaire Clarida Intern

My favorite classes so far while studying social work would be all of my core social work courses. I really love what I’ve learned and the new material that I am exposed to. The discussions and intimate classroom settings allow me to use my critical thinking skills. After completing my undergraduate journey, I plan to enroll in graduate school to obtain a Masters degree in social work. The sector I plan to explore after completing schooling would be the federal government and or the nonprofit sector.

About me:

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I currently live on the West Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a first-generation college student. In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends. I also love watching documentaries, reading, and helping others. I am the second oldest out of six siblings.

Why I wanted to be an intern:

I wanted to be a Sustain Charlotte intern because of my interest in the nonprofit sector. Sustain Charlotte is an organization that does very important work that helps bring safety, advocacy, and awareness of topics that are not often discussed, but which affect peoples’ everyday lives. I really respect the work that Sustain Charlotte does because it focuses on issues that will help with the longevity and sustainability of Charlotte. This focus is important to people like me who plan to become future social workers. I also plan to gain knowledge and experience in how nonprofits operate and creating my own nonprofit organization in the future.

Projects I’ll be working on this summer:

The projects that I will be working on this summer will be creating an interactive map online of businesses in the communities along West Boulevard. I will be mapping local businesses so that residents will be able to access the ones close to their area. I will also be working this summer on developing temporary signage for the greenway, to engage users while they use it. I am thrilled to be a part of helping to make a difference in my local community!

Thanks for reading!

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