Meet the Intern: Kate Pottle

My name is Kate Pottle, and I am a rising junior at Davidson College. I am majoring in Environmental studies and potentially minoring in Public Health.

Picture of Kate Pottle

I was born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina and loved living by Wrightsville Beach growing up. I am currently a member of the Women’s Swimming and Diving team at Davidson and swim distance freestyle (events anywhere from 200 yards to a mile). When not practicing or studying, I enjoy getting outside whether that is hiking, spending time at the beach, or exploring areas such as downtown Charlotte. I also enjoy spending time with friends, family, and connecting with new people.

I have always been interested in climate change since I have a deep appreciation for the natural world in which we inhabit. It was not until I began taking all different types of environmental studies courses (such as the Environmental Justice, Social Science, and Natural Science courses) that I realized the importance of taking immediate actions on the growing growth and climate issues our world is currently facing. The eye-opening courses made me want to continue expanding my knowledge and start positively making a difference. I have a passion for climate change along with racial and environmental justice and am eager to learn about how these two issues are connected when developing a rapidly expanding city such as Charlotte.

Working with Sustain Charlotte will allow me to further develop my understanding of the current problems the city of Charlotte faces as it rapidly expands while reducing its carbon footprint. My main responsibility as an intern will be to first understand the city’s transit system, and then further create ways in which the public can learn more about the systems and hopefully incorporate use into their daily routine. West Boulevard and Lakeview areas will be the biggest focus in my research. I hope to inform and encourage the public to reduce their own carbon footprint and begin making lifestyle changes that will benefit the world as a whole. I also hope to learn how to inform my own friends and family who live all over the country of ways in which they too can live a more sustainable lifestyle. I am so excited to have this opportunity to expand my knowledge and help the community as well this summer!

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