New CDOT study shows Charlotteans want transportation choices

It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for: the release of CDOT’s biennial 2016 Transportation Survey! 406 residents were asked their opinions on driving conditions, possible solutions and funding sources, priorities, safety, and travel for pedestrians and cyclists.

You can click here to view it, or check out the highlights we’ve pulled out.

  • 86% want to see roads designed for everyone, not just those who drive cars.

2016 Transportation Survey

How do the 12% who don’t want roads designed for all users think that people who cannot (or choose not to) drive cars should get around? We can only speculate.

  •  79% think the city or state should provide alternative modes of transportation to ease congestion. We agree! It’s time to stop thinking about infrastructure for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit riders as an unaffordable sidebar to roads. The true cost of building and maintaining roads and “free” parking is higher than you might think!
  • 63.5% would like to drive less in Charlotte.

Desires and reality

  • 58.6% would like to take the bus or train more, but only 32.8% think it’s easy to take the bus or train in Charlotte.
  • 76.6% would like to walk more, but only 54.7% think it’s easy to walk in Charlotte.
  • 50.7% would like to bicycle more, but only 27.6% think it’s easy to bicycle in Charlotte.

Folks said they’d walk more if they had a greater variety of destinations/activities within walking distance (85%), more pedestrian crossings of busy thoroughfares (83%), more/better sidewalk connections (80%), better lighting (80%), more greenways/multi-use paths (79%), and slower traffic speeds (51%).

What would it take to get more people on two wheels? Safer crossings (86%), protected bike lanes (81%), and off-street facilities (80%) would encourage people to bike more.

CDOT survey biking results

If you’d like to let your local elected officials know that you want better pedestrian and bicycle facilities, sign up to speak for 3 minutes in favor of the Charlotte BIKES plan and Transportation Action Plan at the January 23 Charlotte City Council meeting! When you’ve signed up, please e-mail to let us know that you’ll be speaking, or let us know if you want some help with your talking points. Click here for more info about those plans and public input opportunity.

So, what is Sustain Charlotte doing to make better bicycling, walking, and transit a reality?

Sustain Charlotte works every day to make it safer and easier for all Charlotteans to be able to walk, bike, and ride transit.

  • Our Way2Go Charlotte community-wide sustainable mobility challenge will launch in February. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter to find out how your neighborhood, business, or other community group can track sustainable travel. Our fun online platform includes games, prizes, and team building components!
  • We’re advocating for more walkable transit stops through out Walk2Transit initiative! Click here to view a map of user-submitted photos, submit your own photos or comments, and learn how you can get involved.
  • Our Bicycle Program and ibikeCLT initiative is working towards the goal of increasing the use of bicycles for transportation. Click here to see what we’ve accomplished so far and what we’re working on!
  • We organize and host bi-monthly meetings of the Transportation Choices Alliance to share information about how to support sustainable modes of transportation in the Charlotte region. If you’re interested in attending a meeting in person or by conference call, e-mail Meg Fencil at

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