Volunteers prepare to embark on partnership with Lincoln Heights neighborhood

Are you looking for a way to not only better understand the sustainability needs of neighborhoods throughout Charlotte, but also partner with residents in a very hands-on way in support of their goals?

If so, the Sustain Charlotte Community Corps (SCCC) wants to meet you!

SCCC launch 2017

The SCCC connects like-minded volunteers who support Charlotte neighborhoods!

The SCCC is a diverse group of volunteers who build partnerships with neighborhood residents, local organizations, and businesses to improve the long-term quality of life for residents.

We held our first gathering of the year last week and discussed our upcoming partnership with the Lincoln Heights neighborhood for 2017. Alongside the residents, we’ll support the neighborhood’s social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals by highlighting the value of their local businesses, coordinating a community garden and distribution of Pop-Up Produce kits so families can grow their own food, and partnering on a health and wellness event.

What did the SCCC accomplish in its first year?

A lot! Throughout 2016, we developed a partnership with the Grier Heights neighborhood and co-created a strategy to help the neighborhood become a more vibrant, equitable, and healthy community. Together, we organized a health & wellness walkopened a computer lab, and are working to bring fresh produce to the neighborhood. We’ve been recognized by the community for the high quality of our work and relationship building.

Our model is to intensely focus our partnership on a specific neighborhood each year, while also continuing to serve as a community resource to neighborhoods that we’ve worked with in previous years.

Want to be a part of our 2017 work with Lincoln Heights?

SCCC meetings are held once a month on a weekday evening. If you’re interested in learning more or attending our next meeting, please email our volunteer SCCC Coordinator Danielle Turek at deturek6@gmail.com or fill out our interest form.

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