NODA neighbors: speeding is becoming “crazy” in neighborhood (WBTV)

NoDa residents remain concerned about speeding in their neighborhood while they continue to wait for Charlotte Department of Transportation’s improvements to be installed.

Sustain Charlotte said they have been trying to be a liaison between the city and neighbors for years to improve pedestrian and cyclist life in neighborhoods around Charlotte.

“NoDa, South End, University – They are growing really fast because of the light rail that went in in place a few years back,” explained Sustain Charlotte Urban Design Specialist Eric Zaverl.

“So they’re like exponentially growing and of course other parts of city are growing as well. But those are just a little bit supercharged in their speed at which they’re growing and the infrastructure is just not keeping up.”

Zaverl explained the challenges lie with staffing and funding. “The funding that happens here comes from the state usually centers around the interstates and car centric infrastructure. We need transit, sidewalks, greenways and bike lanes and those are not going to be–they’re not really funded at the state level. And so it’s really up to the local governments being able to figure out how to build those out,” said Zaverl.

Watch the WBTV segment.