Planning department explains University City Area Plan to City Council

At today’s Transportation and Planning committee meeting of Charlotte City Council, staff from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning explained how the draft University City Area Plan has been updated to account for changes in the University City area associated with the LYNX Blue Line Extension and station locations.


The area covered by the plan is approximately four times the size of Uptown Charlotte. The three future LYNX Blue Line Extension stations within this area include University City Boulevard, McCullough, and JW Clay Boulevard/UNC Charlotte. The station on the UNC Charlotte campus is covered by the UNC Charlotte Campus Master Plan adopted in 2010 because the University plans its land use internally and is not subject to the same plans, policies, and ordinances as other land within the city and county.

The plan is designed to:

  • Define the growth and development vision for the areas
    surrounding the University City Blvd., McCullough,
    and JW Clay Blvd./UNC Charlotte LRT stations and
    areas adjacent to the UNC Charlotte main campus and
    interchange areas near I-85;
  • Refine the boundaries for any portion of an Activity
    Center, Growth Corridor, and/or Wedge included in
    the plan area;
  • Address key land use, transportation, community
    design, and development concerns identified through
    the planning process;
  • Provide guidance for future land use design character,
    and infrastructure decisions;
  • Function as the official Streetscape Plan.

Planning staff are requesting the Councilmembers on the Transportation and Planning committee to refer the plan to the full City Council for public comment in February.

You can access the full draft plan here.

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