Plans moving forward for Silver Line project (WCCB)

Plans are moving forward for Charlotte’s new transit system. The massive Silver Line project was voted on earlier this week.

The decision was a unanimous vote to go with the the original plan to run the Silver Line around the city. The plan for the newly approved 29-mile track comes with concern.

“We just want to make sure the needs and dignity of the transit riders are really prioritized in this redevelopment,” said Meg Fencil with Sustain Charlotte. The non-profit is worried about the safety and cost of the proposed underground transit center.

“It definitely wasn’t a surprise. We know that the old transit Center is not comfortable and secure,” Fencil said of the vote. Sustain Charlotte has been working with the city to address the needs of passengers who provide solely on public transportation.

They want to make sure the city lives up to their promises. “So these new features like providing new air quality and making sure it’s well lit, beautiful, and comfortable are not removed from the process,” explained Fencil.

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