Public hearing reveals concerns over funding for CMS, parks and recreation in Mecklenburg (QC Metro)

Mecklenburg County residents shared feedback over an upcoming county budget during a public hearing at a Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday evening.

Mecklenburg’s county manager, Dena R. Diorio, and the county’s budget director, Aridan Cox, the recommended $2.5 billion budget for FY25 to the board on May 16.

Hope Wright, a representative of Sustain Charlotte, a group of residents in the Greater Charlotte Area advocating for sustainable land use and transportation choices, was involved in a parks and recreation budget petition that she said was sent to commissioners in April.

The petition has more than 1,000 signatures from residents. The petition asks for support for land acquisition by budgeting at least $50 million. The group hopes that the increased funding will sustain land acquisition for additional parks, greenways, nature preserves and recreation centers, among other things.

“Increasing our investment in park and recreation will not only improve access for more residents but will benefit our community’s health, economy, and environment, and quality of life,” Wright said. “Please continue to grow our investment so everyone in our community can enjoy these benefits.”