Reasons for hope about climate change (WFAE)

Climate reporter David Boraks takes a look at what’s going right in the fight against the climate crisis.

Ultimately, we need systems to change to end the primary cause of climate change, which is humans’ continued burning of fossil fuels that create the pollution that causes global warming.

Advocates like those at Sustain Charlotte say we need to think about not just replacing gas-guzzling cars with electric ones, but about getting rid of cars and using less-polluting modes of transportation. We need to plan our communities differently to reduce the need for individual vehicles, where it makes sense. “We have failed to invest in more environmentally sustainable forms of transportation that really would make it time-efficient, safe, (and) inviting for people to walk or ride bikes, or ride public transportation or even to carpool,” Sustain Charlotte’s Meg Fencil told me during this fall’s Week Without Driving in Charlotte.

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