Reflections: working for equity

My name is Jaire Clarida and I spent this summer interning with Sustain Charlotte through the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation internship program. My internship experience has been an amazing experience this summer! I was able to learn many new things about the non-profit world by being a part of Sustain Charlotte. I learned many new things about sustainability, including the seriousness and impact of making sure that we all value the environment in which we live.

Jaire Clarida and Asia Bartholomew

Jaire Clarida and Asia Bartholomew

I am thankful for having the exposure of attending meetings held by elected officials where serious decisions are being made and conversations about important matters are held. My experience this summer has given me a different outlook and has inspired me to continue to advocate for the voiceless.

The most unexpected thing that I learned this summer was how big of a role that equity plays in sustainability and the lack of affordable housing in Charlotte. We must continue to address these ongoing problems and work on solutions so that every individual can thrive in society!

This experience has helped me develop new skills and new knowledge that will help me become even greater on my journey to being a future social worker. This work has allowed me to realize that after finishing my collegiate journey,  I will continue to stay in Charlotte to help take action to address the needs of the people in my city!

I am also thankful for the help of the supportive staff at Sustain Charlotte who have helped make my experience even greater this summer. I look forward to continuing seeing the many great things that Sustain Charlotte has in store!

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