Six Stories, One City: Christine’s Transit Story

Transit provides mobility and independence for many residents of Greater Charlotte who are unable to drive. In the fourth video of our Six Stories, One City series, Christine explains how transit allows her to maintain an independent lifestyle despite her visual impairment.



Christine has lived in Charlotte for over 40 years and has been visually impaired for the past 8 years. When asked why she values transit, Christine said,  “I’m able to get rides wherever I want to from friends, from family. But when you’re a disabled person, it’s very important — it’s almost vital — to be able to maintain your independence. Being able to take the bus and different forms of transportation has really allowed me to maintain as much of my independence as possible.”

Did you know that in addition to its regularly scheduled bus and LYNX light rail service, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) also offers both subscription and on-demand Para-Transit? Learn more!

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