Six Stories, One City: Scott’s Transit Story

Today’s video takes you inside of a small business that reaps the benefits of proximity to transit. Scott is one of the owners of Triple C Brewing Co, a local brewery located near the LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte’s South End.


He’s seen the tremendous economic impact of the light rail on businesses and residents. “When we first picked the location…there wasn’t too much development in the area. But I think the light rail had a big part to do with a lot of current development around our location because of the convenience for people to get an apartment and then ride the light rail downtown…10 years ago, this was an industrial, hard-hit area. Now there’s people moving into the area, there’s small businesses growing, and it’s a direct result of the light rail.”

Triple C Brewing Co. is within walking distance of the New Bern light rail station. “We even named a beer after it. We have a Light Rail Pale Ale.”

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Check back every Friday for the next four weeks for more inspiring transit stories! This video series was created by the Transportation Choices Alliance and made possible by a Local Coalition Grant from the American Public Transportation Association. Video production by Rusty Sheridan

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