Sustain Charlotte asks NCDOT for stronger environmental justice goals

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Sustain Charlotte recently signed on to a letter regarding North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) environmental justice goals submitted to the Governor’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council.  The letter was submitted on behalf of the Southern Environmental Law Center, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and nearly 40 advocacy groups.

We believe the goals in the NCDOT Draft Agency Goals for Advancing Environmental Justice in North Carolina overlook a few critical sources of environmental injustice that need to be included if North Carolina is to truly advance environmental justice in the transportation sector. In particular, NCDOT should more explicitly address historic transportation-related harms, including transportation-related air pollution and the impact of highway expansion on communities, as well as climate resilience issues such as emergency access and flooding. Finally, NCDOT should ensure all goals are outcome-oriented, measurable, and quantifiable, so NCDOT can be held accountable for making progress on these critical goals.

Read the full letter.

Learn more about Southern Environmental Law Center’s Clean Connected Communities initiative that aims to bring together advocates, community members, government staff, and elected officials from across the state to address some of biggest problems at the intersection of transportation and environmental justice.

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