Sustainability group pushes back against proposed Charlotte budget cuts (Spectrum News)

The Charlotte City Council is in the process of adopting the fiscal year 2025 budget. The proposal looks to invest $300 million in transportation and neighborhoods while increasing property tax by 1.5% to support capital investments.

While the budget improves funding in various areas, local organizations are pushing back against $65 million in cuts to projects that would improve areas such as sidewalks and bike paths.

In contrast, Sustain Charlotte has been urging more funding. The nonprofit organization advocates for smart growth and transportation solutions within the city, and has been using events like the Charlotte Sustainability Summit to educate residents on the importance of aligning transportation choices and walkable communities.

“There’s so much to do in cities and we have a real opportunity to make cities much more sustainable,” said Meg Fencil, director of engagement and impact at Sustain Charlotte.